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The Evolution of Technology and the Human Race

This is one of my favorite videos on YouTube. It’s a brief overview of how quickly technology evolves and how far of a reach it continues to achieve. Advertisements

Social Media Marketing Plans

A great article came out today from Media Post about how many companies are incorporating social media into their marketing plans. It appears that 90% of all corporations plan on incorporating social media in the coming years marketing plans, of which 86% are going to spend more than they have in the past. This is … Continue reading

Multiple Screens increase television viewing

Nielsen recently released their 3rd Qtr Three Screen Report. The immersion of the three screens are having an greater impact each quarter. The most important thing to note is the year over year changes. In-home television viewing declined only slightly, but how people are watching is changing drastically. There was a 21% increase in time … Continue reading

Property Rights in a Virtual World

The Washington Post ran an interesting story several years ago about the virtual world, Second Life, and intellectual property rights. A program was launched in Second Life that duplicates objects. This program was a huge threat to people like Veronica Brown, who makes a living designing and selling virtual clothes to Second Life users. Veronica’s … Continue reading

Google searches resulting in Tweets?!

I noticed something new in my search results a few days ago : Twitter Updates. So after a little digging I found that back in October Google struck a deal with Twitter and the new feature went live in early December. I am torn about this decision from Google. The Google page-rank algorithm is tried … Continue reading

Measuring Mobile

Mobile Marketing is ramped across the world, except in the United States. Until recently most mobile marketing has consisted on SPAM like text messages. With the introduction of smart phones and advanced platforms mobile marketing in the US is finally catching up. To be successful mobile marketing must embrace brand awareness campaigns rather than the … Continue reading

2009 Marketing Campaign Top 10

I found this great article on WSJ today about the Best & Worst Ads of 2009. On top was the Hyundai assurance campaign and on the bottom was Tropicana killing the ‘straw in the Orange’ campaign (the later was quickly resurrected). The most interesting thing about this story is that of all the campaigns listed … Continue reading

YouTube: The second largest search portal in the world

I guess we learn something new everyday. Today I learned that YouTube was the second largest search engine in the world. This was reported by ComScore last fall, but since I just found out its news to me. Not only does this have a large impact on marketers, it shows where consumers are spending their … Continue reading

Does Twitter have a future?

Twitter is everywhere. Its billed as the next big thing. In a Time Magazine article, the Top 10 Ways Twittter will Change American Business: 1. Hyper-Local Marketing 2. Making Old-World Advertising Work 3. Turning Wall Street on Its Head 4. Making Blogs Count 5. New Ways to Get Consumer Data 6. Helping TV and Print … Continue reading

Ikeas World of Fans

There are few brands in the world that garner the loyalty of consumer the way Ikea does. Fans can be compared to Mac Addicts for Apple or Parrot Heads for Jimmy Buffet. The offical Ikea Facebook page has 30,000 fans, but the over 80,000 people have joined the group “I would love to play hide … Continue reading